8 Popular Disney Characters with Curly Hair

We all know that curly hair can be tricky to style and take care of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up as your favorite Disney character with curly hair.


Here, we will show you some of the most popular Disney characters that have curly hair, from Moana to Merida to Prince Naveen.

You can also check out the list of famous cartoon characters with curly hair.

We hope this list will give you a great idea for your friend’s next Disney-themed costume party or just help you remember some of your favorite characters. Let’s get started.

Disney Characters with Curly Hair

Discover the curly-haired stars of the Disney universe with this comprehensive list of famous Disney characters with curly hair.

1. Gothel

Gothel Curly Hair Cartoon Character

Gothel is the villain from Disney’s Tangled. She is an old lady who takes away Rapunzel and hides her away in a tower. Power, trickery, and selfishness are all qualities that she possesses.

She uses Rapunzel’s special hair to stay young. With her smart, sneaky attitude, she is a great bad woman. In spite of her unfriendly attitude, Rapunzel knows that her guardian cares for her in a strange way.

She has beautiful big gray eyes, and her eyelids have a pretty brown sparkly color. Her cheeks look rosy, which makes her face look extra cute. Her black hair is curly, long, and shiny, with three cute curls hanging down her forehead.

2. Princess Merida

Princess Merida Disney Curly Hair

Princess Merida is a brave girl who is really good at shooting arrows. Her mom and dad wanted her to get married, but she wanted to choose her own path in life. Through her adventures, she learns that family and traditions are important, but she also learns how to be independent and responsible.

Unlike other princesses in stories, she doesn’t need a prince to make her happy. She learns how to be happy by following her own dreams and goals.

She has big, curly red hair that makes her stand out. It’s a special part of who she is and makes her different from other princesses.

3. Moana

Moana Disney Curl Hair Character

Moana is the star of a movie called Moana. She’s a very brave girl who goes on a big adventure to save her island and the people who live there.

Along the way, she meets a funny demigod named Maui who helps her. Moana learns a lot about herself and her family history as she faces challenges and explores the ocean. She’s really cool because she’s one of the few Disney princesses with brown skin and she shows that girls can be strong and brave too.

Moana’s hair is super pretty. It’s curly and dark and shows that she comes from a special place called Polynesia. You can see her hair blowing in the wind when she’s sailing on the ocean.

4. Mirabel Madrigal

Mirabel Madrigal Curly Hair


Mirabel Madrigal is the star of a Disney movie called Encanto. She’s a really determined and caring girl who loves her family a lot.

The only problem is that she doesn’t have a magical power like everyone else in her family. Mirabel works hard to save her home and family from danger while also uncovering a secret about her family’s past.

Her story is all about how important it is to be yourself and how family can help you through anything. Plus, she’s really cool because she represents Latina girls in Disney movies.

She has really cool curly black hair that’s part of her look. It shows that she’s proud of her heritage and makes her special and beautiful.

5. Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal Male Curly Hair Cartoon Character

Camilo Madrigal, a cool guy, appeared in the Disney movie called Encanto.┬áHe’s the oldest brother in his family and has super strength, which is awesome.

He is a really kind and responsible person who takes care of his younger siblings. Camilo is also really good at playing the guitar and singing, which makes him even cooler.

His story is all about how family is important and how everyone has unique talents that should be embraced.

Camilo Madrigal’s curly brown hair is short but adds to his distinct appearance. His charming personality is reflected in his unique style, making him stand out from his siblings in the Madrigal family.

6. Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana female curly hair cartoon character

Princess Tiana is a made-up character from a Disney movie called The Princess and the Frog. She is a really hard worker and wants to open her own restaurant in a cool city called New Orleans.

Tiana is special because she’s the first Disney Princess who is Black. She’s really smart and strong, and she’s a good example for girls to follow.

She shows us that we should never give up on our dreams and work really hard to make them happen. Tiana also reminds us that family and love are super important in life.

Princess Tiana has really cool curly hair that makes her look super pretty and confident. She often wears it up in a bun or ponytail, but sometimes lets it down to show off her natural curls. Her hair is a big part of who she is and makes her stand out as a special Disney Princess.

7. Maui

Maui Male curly hair cartoon character

Maui is a cool character from the Disney movie Moana. He’s a demigod, which means he has super strength and can turn into different things.

At first, he’s kind of selfish and only helps Moana because he wants something in return. But as the story goes on, he learns to be a better person and to help Moana for the right reasons.

Maui has a funny song called “You’re Welcome” and he’s really playful with Moana. He’s a fun character who makes the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

Long, curly hair that is incredibly thick defines Maui’s cool appearance. He usually ties it up in a bun or a topknot, which looks really cool. His hair is a big part of his look and shows that he’s a powerful demigod. In the movie, Maui’s hair even has magical powers that help him transform into different things. It’s a really cool detail that adds to his character.

8. Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen Male curly hair character

Prince Naveen is a fictional character from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. He’s a really fun and charming prince from a place called Maldonia.

The bad guy turns him into a frog in the movie, and he embarks on a journey with Tiana to become human again. At first, he’s kind of selfish and just wants to have fun, but he learns to be more responsible and to work hard.

He has some really catchy songs that you might remember from the movie. Overall, Prince Naveen is a really likeable character who makes the story even more fun to watch.

Prince Naveen has cool, curly hair that’s kind of messy but looks intentional. It’s a dark brown color and fits with his chill and carefree personality. Although his hair isn’t the most important thing about him, it’s definitely a noticeable part of his look and adds to his overall character.

So, sometimes having curly hair can be hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look awesome like your favorite Disney characters with curly hair. There are many cool Disney characters with curly hair like Merida, who has big, curly red hair, and Moana, who has curly dark hair that looks amazing when she’s sailing on the ocean. Mirabel Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, and Princess Tiana also have curly hair that makes them stand out. And there’s Maui, a fun character with long, curly hair that is super cool. These characters can teach us to be proud of who we are, be confident, and go after our dreams.

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