Listrick.com is a blog for providing the list of the best things. Here things mean various products of daily use like tea, coffee, toothpaste, shaving razors, shirts, deodorants and many more. Besides, products we also make lists of best movies, best books, best fictional characters, best places to visit, and many more. Actually, we are finding best of everything.

Who started this blog?

Mirza Faisal started this small blog. He is a Mechanical Engineer and working for a reputed industry in Meerut, India. He loves reading and writing. Two things made him to start this blog. First thing curiosity, he is a curious person and acquired knowledge from various topics. Second thing passion for writing, he always wanted to be a writer and now he is an engineer by profession and a writer by heart. You can directly contact him [email protected].

You can also check his another blog CineShot.in. If you are a movies lover, then this blog is made for you.

How can this blog help you?

This blog will help you if you are a curious person and want to know something. For example, if you are finding the movies about cooking. Then, you can check out our post of top movies about cooking. If you want to add your favorite movie in the list, then you can hit the comment box with the name of the film and the reason behind that.

Now, we are explaining you with another example of the product. If you want to buy a shirt then you will definitely go to the market or online store. You will find that there are more than hundreds of shirt brands. Then, you will be in the confusion which will you buy or which one not. If we narrow the choice of the shirt brands to the top shirt brands only. You will definitely get the best shirt as you have the knowledge of top shirt brands and manufacturers. We offer this knowledge of top brands in the market. You can check out the 9 best shirt brands in the world.