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15 Best Razor Brands of 2019

If you want to shave or you shave regularly, then this blog post is made for you. It will benefit both of you as we are going to tell you the list of the best razor brands available in the market. If you go to the store or online store, you will find the hundreds of razor brands are there. This creates the confusion in your mind that which one to buy. For clearing this confusion, we have listed the top 15 best razor brands.


First of all, you should know about the razors. Razor is a very useful tool for men, which is generally used for removing unwanted hair of the face and body. There are mainly three types of razors which you can buy today. First one is the straight razor, which was invented in the 1700s that’s why it is the oldest one and mainly used by the professionals. Second one is the safety razor, which was introduced in the 1800s and mainly made for self use that is the reason it is the most common one. Third and the last one is electric razor or electric shaver which is started in the 1930s and it is the modern one.

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15. HeadBlade Company

HeadBlade is an American brand of head shaving razor which was introduced in 1997. Todd Greene, who is a graduate from Bowdoin College is the founder of HeadBlade razor. This brand has its headquarter in Culver City.

14. Feather Safety Razor

Feather is a Japanese razor brand which was started in 1932. This company is known for making the first disposable blade type razor. Besides, shaving razors this company also makes medical products like surgical blade.

13. Merkur Solingen

Merkur is a German razor brand and the owner of this brand is DOVO Solingen. DOVO is an independent German company of shaving equipments and scissors and they acquired the Merkur company in 1996.

12. Remington

Remington is an American brand of electric razors and other styling products. The owner of this brand is Spectrum Brands Holdings, which is an American company started in 1906 as French Battery Company and in 2005 this company became the Spectrum Brands.

11. Quattro

Quattro or Schik Quattro is an American razor brand for men and women. The Quattro Titanium Razor is a type of razor which has four titanium-coated blades for smooth and comfortable shave. This brand also makes Quattro Titanium Sensitive for the sensitive skin with lubricating strip.

10. Philips

Phillips is a Dutch company of electronic products which was started in 1891 and has its headquarter in Amsterdam. This company introduced its first electric shaver ‘The Philishave’ in the 1930s. The inventor of this shaver was Prof. Alexandre Horowitz and it was the most successful rotary bladed electric razor.

9. BIC

BIC is a French company of razors, lighters and pens which was started in 1945. This brand is known for its disposable consumer products like disposable razor, disposable lighter and mechanical pencil. Marcel Bich, who was a French manufacturer founded this company in Clichy.

8. Clio

Clio is a electric razor brand for men and women which was founded in 2002. The owner of this brand is Clio Designs Inc. Clio makes affordable products for their consumers. It is one of the best electric razor brand.


7. American Safety Razor Company

American Safety Razor Company is a personal care products company and a very popular razor brand which has its headquarter in Verona. This brand was founded in 1906. The owner of this brand is Edgewell Personal Care, which is an American consumer goods company.

6. Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack is an American manual razor brand and personal care products company. This San Francisco based company was started in 2006. This brand has a wide range of products including gels, body wash, cleansers and shaving cream.

5. Braun

Braun is a German electric razor brand which was founded in 1921. The founder of this company was Max Braun, a mechanical engineer who started this company in Frankfurt. Now, this brand is a subsidiary of the American company Procter & Gamble.

4. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese company of home appliances and electric razors for men which was started in 1918.  K┼Źnosuke Matsushita, who was a light bulb vendor founded this company in Osaka. Panasonic has a variety of electric shavers including ES-ST2N, ES-SL83, ES-RW30 and ES-SL41.

3. Schick

Schick is an American company of razors which produced its first razor in 1926. The founder of this company was Colonel Jacob Schick, an American inventor who invented the creative safety razor in 1906 and the first electric razor in 1927. Schick is the third best razor brand in the world.

2. Harry’s

Harry’s is an American company of shaving equipment which was started in 2013. This brand is the second best razor brand in the World after Gillette. This company has its headquarter in New York City and Eisfeld, Germany.

1. Gillette

Gillette is a Boston-based safety razor brand which was started by King C. Gillette in 1901. This brand is on the first place in the list of best razor brands. Now, the owner of this company is Proctor & Gamble as they acquired it in 2005. The tagline of this brand is “The Best A Man Can Get”.


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