List of top Bicycle brands in America

10 Best Bicycle Brands for 2019

What are the best bicycle brands? If you are finding the answer of this question, then you have come to the right place. I am going to tell you the top bicycle companies that make best bicycles in the world.


First, I would like to tell you the interesting information about the bicycle. The first bicycle invented in the 19th century. Now, Bicycle companies are manufacturing around 100 million bicycles each year. China has more than half billion bicycles for commuting. In major cities, cycles are using for delivery services. In fact, Fast courier services have used the bicycles from the thirty years to escape from the traffic.

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Why I listed the best brands of bicycle?

I know the incident, when one of my friends had come to me before buying the bicycle. He wanted to buy the best bicycle. Thus, he asked me to come for purchasing the bicycle with him. We went to the market and found that there are many bicycle brands. Actually, we were confused from where to start. We were not having the proper knowledge of the top brands of bicycles. Therefore, we back to the home and started researching the popular brands of bicycles. We had talked with the many cyclists to know the best bicycle companies. After that, we made a list of top ten companies of bicycles and purchased one of them.

If you are a beginner cyclist or want to buy a bicycle, then you are in the same situation as we were. Then, you should check out our list of top ten bicycle brands. It will give you the focused options for buying the best.

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The list of top ten best bicycle brands is here.

1. Trek Bicycle Corporation

Trek is an American bicycle brand that has its headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg founded this leading bicycle brand in Milwaukee in 1975. Now, this bicycle company has more than 1700 authorized dealers worldwide. Trek is the top and the most popular bicycle brand around the world.

2. Giant Bicycles Company

Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle brand, which is the largest bicycle maker in the world. King Liu founded this bicycle brand in 1972. This leading bicycle brand has its headquarters in Taichung, which is a city in Taiwan. Giant is the second best bicycle brand around the world after Trek.

3. Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized is an American bicycle brand that makes high performance bicycles. Mike Sinyard founded this brand of bicycles in 1974. The headquarters of this major bicycle company is in Morgan Hill, which is a city in California. Specialized is the third-best bicycle brand in the world.

4. Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

Cannondale is an American bicycle brand of Canadian company Dorel. Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor founded this top-class brand of bicycles in 1970. The headquarters of this Canadian owned bicycle brand is in Wilton, which is a town in Connecticut. Cannondale is one of the top bicycle brands in the world and third-best bicycle brand in America.

5. Scott Sports

Scott is a Swiss brand of bicycles and motorsports gear. Ed Scott who was an engineer founded this bicycle and winter equipments brand in 1958. This bicycle brand has its headquarters in Givisiez, which is a municipality in Switzerland. It is the number one bicycle brand in Switzerland and one of the most popular bicycle companies around the world.


6. Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi is an Italian bicycle brand that is the oldest cycle making company still exists. Edoardo Bianchi who was medical instrument maker founded this brand of bicycles in 1885. The headquarters of this good bicycle company is in Milan, which is a city in Italy. Bianchi is the popular bicycle brand as it is the oldest of the current bicycle makers.

7. Canyon Bicycles

Canyon is a German bicycle brand of racing and mountain bikes. This bicycle company has its headquarters in Koblenz, which is a city in Germany. This sport bike company has started in 2002. Canyon is the best bicycle brand in Germany and one of the best bicycle makers in the world.

8. Merida Bikes

Merida is a Taiwan brand of bicycles that has started in 1972. Ike Tseng founded this best Taiwan bicycle company. The headquarters of this bicycle brand is in Yuanlin, which is a city in Taiwan. Merida is the second top bicycle company in Taiwan after Giant Bicycles.

9. GT Bicycles

GT is an American bicycle brand, which is also a part of Canadian company Dorel Industries like Cannondale. Gary Turner and Richard Long founded this bicycle brand in Santa Ana in 1979. GT is one of the top 10 bicycle companies around the world.

10. Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz is a bicycle brand of high-end mountain bikes. This bicycle company has its headquarters in Santa Cruz, which is a city in California. Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez and Rich Novak founded this high-end bicycle brand in 1993. Santa Cruz is one of the best American bicycle brands around the world.


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